[Visa Application] Status of Residence for Spouses, Children, and Parents of Highly Skilled Professionals(高度専門職)

Foreign nationals working in Japan with the status of “Highly Skilled Professional” may live in Ja…


【Case-by-case explanation】 Can I work on a family visa?

For those who are staying in Japan with their families under a status of residence (visa) such as “Spous…


I am on a “1 year” visa. How can I get a “3-year” or “5-year” visa?

When you have just arrived in Japan or when you have just been in your current status of residence, the &#8220…


Visas for former Japanese nationals and their families to settle in Japan

For example, many Japanese nationals who have emigrated abroad lose their Japanese nationality when they acqui…


How to fill in the ‘Letter of Guarantee’「身元保証書」 required for visa applications.

Among applications for status of residence, applications for ‘Spouse or Child of Japanese National'(「日本人…


Visa procedures in the event of the death of a family member of a foreigner living in Japan

When a family member of a foreign national living under the status of “Spouse or Child of Japanese Natio…


Can I renew my spouse visa, even if we are separated?

In the case of visas such as “Spouse or Child of a Japanese National”(「日本人の配偶者等」), “Spouse o…


[Are there any disadvantages?] Should I change my visa if I get married internationally?

Do foreigners living in Japan always have to change their visa status to “Spouse or Child of Japanese Na…


【Dependent】What should a foreign couple do if they have a child?

When a child is born to a foreign couple living in Japan, several procedures are required. In particular, in o…


【3 Options】 What will happen to my surname (family name) after an international marriage?

When a Japanese and a foreigner get married internationally, in principle, the couple will have separate surna…





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